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Certification / Company policy

Here you can find downloads regarding our quality management. Contact us for more information anytime.

Company policy


Definitions of these guidelines is responsibility of the Management Committee. For active implementation of this content responsibility takes place in all functions from top management to each single employee. All of our staff members are expected to take a proactive role in terms of commitment and responsibility for quality, reliability and efficiency of our products as well as for compliance of security and environmental management.


    - Employee satisfaction by contribution

    A successful company is the result of satisfied people who identify themselves with the label and the tasks of their daily business by contribute their strengths and knowledge. We are aware on this fact. If you would like to be part of an innovative, inspiring and creative team you are absolutely right on our place. We promote new ideas through our suggestion system actively embraced and additional space to participate and work constructively on innovative themes to develop themselves to key player in organization and as a result also the own soft skills and knowledge as well as our company.


    - Global Company

    You want to gain wold-wide experience free of certain logistical and cultural boundaries? We would be very happy to welcome you. In history our plant was grown up change by change from ownership managed to part of several group of companies back to own managed GmbH but always with international background. We use our wold-wide operating business to explore new markets now and in future. Company was registered in Mosbach (Germany). If your favourite direction is Mosbach – you also will find your place in our team.


    - Evolution made by Knowledge and Experience

    Continuous training and education for managers and employees is essential to be always on track with the actual technical solutions. In the context of our personal development we encourage the potentials of our employees and also secure knowledge and understanding of our corporate policy including her efforts and promote the awareness of quality and environmental of our employees the same time.


    - Work-Life-Balance by flexible working hours

    We offer our employees several possibilities to adjust their working timetables to their actual life situation.


    - Professional Training – for our employees of tomorrow

    Whatever you are searching for: Technical or commercial training, or dual curriculum. We provide vocational training and support you during your curriculum. For 2021 we also have some new vocational trainings offered. Interested in? Find yours!


    - Quality - Effect of our employees

    The total result of our business is significant influenced by the quality mind set of each single employee. This awareness is expected and encouraged by continuous measures of qualification in quality management and methodological skills.

    Customer and Business Partners

    - Customer loyalty

    We have been supporting our customers since 70 years – and our customers appreciate our service. Most of our customers remain loyalty to us since several dozen years – also in difficult times.


    - Service Orientation

    We find a tailor made solution for your requests, irrelevant if you need a new machine, retrofitted machine, repair of machine or a spare part (package) – we have the right package suitable for your requirements. Take our word for it!


    - Customer satisfaction

    Our customers are important for us. Do you have a question? Request? Claim? Here you find your support.


    - Collaborative Partnership

    The reliability of our company bases on a cooperative partnership with our long time existing (most of them) business partners – customers, suppliers and support. Our target is to develop this network profitable for all involved partners hand by hand for the future.

    Products and Innovation

    - Close to our Customers

    We have the right solution for your requests! – If not – we will find a common way to develop one tailor-made on your requests. Take our word for it!


    - Product Range

    Here you find the actual product line. If you have any other question or request, our employees from sales and service would be glad to help you. Please contact us!


    - New Products and Innovations

    We investigate in new products and developments year by year to be able to offer you the best solutions. Here you find some of the latest innovations and stay informed of the technical dates. Your desire and satisfaction is our spirit.

    Quality hits industry 4.0 – Efficiency made by integrated management system (IMS)

    - Industry 4.0

    Others talk about it – we live it. Founded based on a piece of a big construct of companies with a lot of dates and information one of the big questions is – what is really needed and what is our vision and vision of our customers for the future. Industry 4.0 starts exactly with these questions. And to answer it all departments have to be involved. With the IMS we created a new structure networking with all departments to define basic rules based on best practice and crazy ideas using the technology of tomorrow to develop the future especially for you. Of course we have also to implement all topics like compliance, quality, environment etc. and the ideas of everybody inside and outside the company and solutions. It is a challenge for everybody developing the business, the company, the products, the people – and the future. You are very invited to join us and be part of this new think of work.


    - Integrated Management System (IMS)

    Awareness of quality and environmental thinking and action has a high significance in our company. Because each action in business has also an effect on products and processes as well as on environment an integrated management system active used and based on the guidelines of this Corporate Policy – is an urgent component of our business. By several management systems connected with others (quality, environmental, workers security, compliance, data secure etc.) a complete implementation of all necessary efforts was enabled. This reduces costs and time in our processes and increase more efficiency for your products. In this context we commit to develop this integrated management system continuously and also for compliance of all relevant laws and regulations or other requests relevant for quality and environment valid for the business of the company.


    - Delivery of Quality means to fulfil all requirement addressed to the company.

    In context to the IMS your requests and also those of all of our stake holders were identified, analysed and rated to align the business step by step according to this result – today and in future. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    - Certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and VDA 6.4:2017

    Our certified Quality Management System includes all products, processes and maintenance of our business. Quality emerge especially by planed and active tracked measures based on the effect of analyse of requests and results of internal processes and their chances and risks.


    - Quality has its own Program

    Continuous and sustainable improvements are part of our quality relevant targets of our business and were fulfilled in context to our continuous improvement process program based on the values and requests of our customers, employees and society. This program is documented including responsibility and timelines and, if necessary, invests. They were actualized if needed or improved. Important criterions for the realization are:

    Realization of clear and uncomplicated solutions by monitoring of the economic efficiency

    Fast realization of solution in context of the available resources

    Error prevention before error detection for continuous improvement

    Zero mistakes strategy along the value chain all over the product life cycle – starting with the first idea of the product, across the new development process of products and systems, including the selection of suppliers until the use and disposal at the customer

    Environment and social Responsibility

    - Sustainability

    We are oriented on a sustainable development, a considerate handling with natural resources, economic use of energy resources and a reduce of environmental pollution. Considering of

    The value and requests of customers, politics and society

    Aspects with environmental relevance according to the value chain all over the product life cycle – starting with the first idea of the product, across the new development process of products and systems, including the selection of suppliers until the use and disposal at the customer


    - Retrofit

    Each retrofit saves our natural resources sustainable. If you are interested in please contact us and be informed on your special requests.


    - Environment und Compliance

    In questions of environment secure our company seek dialogue with authorities and public society. We communicate ecological aspects transparent to relevant target groups and seek dialogue with th

    ISO 9001:2015 | quality management certificate

    VDA 6.4 | quality management certificate supplement