Hurrah… 🎉🍾🎉 #HÜLLERHILLE comes 1st in the ARxelerator Awards held by #oculavis

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1. Platz beim ARxelerator Award von #oculavis

We are delighted to have come first in the ARxelerator Awards at the oculavis “All About Remote” event.


Our congratulations also go to the other prize winners whose reports on their experiences have inspired us.


#Thanks to the whole #oculavis team for recognising our achievement in rolling out their real-time support solution within our company. The right partner which will evolve with us and means we are ready for the #future in terms of #service and delivering 24|7 customer care.


According to the jury, the key factor in our win was the fact that we turned the application into a viable business solution in just a short time. In the process, customer benefit was a clear focus – faster service, fast problem solving.


Huge thanks to Pierre Stadler, our Head of Service, and his service team for their dedication 🔝😃👍 Keep up the good work!


#HüllerHille #NBH #readyfortakeoff