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Premium NBH 630

Premium maschine NBH 630 | You still have 2022 budget. We have perfect machines. Trust pays off.


We have planned ahead for you. Our in-depth know-how and positive supplier relationships make it possible for us to deliver your customised NBH at short-notice.


That’s not possible? Of course it is and we will be happy to convince you – with our performance and our #HÜLLERHILLE premium machine NBH 630. It is our powerhouse in the product portfolio of 4-axis machining with pallet size 630 x 630 mm and can be used as a compact stand-alone machine or inside flexible production cells. The standard version provides you with a #powerful gear spindle with a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm for perfect cutting performance. Highest #dynamics and an XXL working area characterise the NBH 630. Full #flexibility allows the unique Hüller Hille cassette magazine for up to 400 tools, whether you need many or oversized tools. For more #efficiency in your #process.


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