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Extreme power
is nothing without
perfect precision


Our NBHs are renowned for their robustness and have a long service life. Powerful work spindles deliver an extraordinary cutting volume during roughing, whilst extreme holding forces in the rotary axes achieve a high surface quality during finishing.


The robust machine design and high long-term accuracy of our NBHs enable especially dimensionally conforming and contoured workpieces. Where others reach their limits, we’re just getting interested. Precision as standard.


4 or 5 axes – 10,000 possibilities for all-round perfection. The machines can be configured to suit your requirements. We offer individual workpiece and system automation and suitable handling systems.

Hüller Hille

Our comprehensive expertise flows into every one of our machines. But we are about more than just technology. Optimal process designs, energy efficient equipment, ease of maintenance and operation at the workplace. Sustainability goes premium.

Every machine.
Every dimension.
All pallet sizes.

The right pallet size from 400 mm to 2000 mm for you.

The complexity and demands of your workpiece indicate whether you need a 4 or 5-axis machine. The NBH’s unique cutting performance is yours in either case. As is the variety of different pallet sizes. For precise work on complex components.



Where others reach their limits, we’re just getting interested.

4 and 5-axis machining centres

 4-axis 5-axis   
 Icon MotorspindelIcon Getriebespindel Icon SchwenktischIcon SchwenkkopfIcon GabelkopfIcon Mill Turn
Pallet size in mmMotor spindleGear spindle Swivel table B-axis to A-axisSwivel head C-axisClevis A-axisMilling-turning
400 x 500
NBH 40
500 x 500
NBH 50
NBH 500
500 x 630
NBH 60
NBH 600
630 x 630
NBH 63
NBH 630
NBH 630C
800 x 800
NBH 80
NBH 800
NBH 800C
1000 x 1000
NBH 100
NBH 1000
NBH 1000BA
NBH 1000A
800 x 1000 
NBH 1100
NBH 1100A
1250 x 1250 
NBH 1200
NBH 1200A
1600 x 1600 
NBH 1600
NBH 1600A
2000 x 2500 
NBH 2000
NBH 2000A

You have the choice. We have the machines.

Do you have a specific requirement? Individuality is our greatest strength. Just ask.


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