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Typical Hüller Hille – experts in accuracy. For reliable machining of the most demanding applications. You benefit from quality with added value throughout the entire life cycle of your machine. We continually ensure that we are ready for the future. Sustainable and ecological.


Our NBH series will impress you with its proverbial Hüller Hille quality – with well-engineered machine concepts that are designed for simultaneous precision machining as well as for heavy-duty machining.


Our behaviour is characterised by openness, tolerance and respect. After all, that’s what the people of Baden are known for. But our tolerance definitely comes to an end where precision and efficiency in production are concerned. Then absolute peak performance is called for.


Optimise your cut-to-cut time with individual tool changes. Unique tool magazine technology from Hüller Hille offers you high tool capacity and maximum ease of setup.

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Manufacturing without

High-precision mechanics

The unique NBH machine concept combines high-precision mechanics with individuality. No matter whether it involves 4 axes or 5. A stable underlying structure with perfect damping sets these machines apart. But it is the interaction of optimally matched components that truly enables reliable, heavy-duty machining.

Our machines

Thermal stability

Our thermally stable machines achieve the highest dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. For consistent quality. Constant and efficient cooling of important assemblies minimises temperature influences to safeguard long-term accuracy and process reliability.

Our machines

Perfect interaction

Greater mechanical accuracy, e.g. in the angularity and straightness of the axes, as well as robust guide systems, result in added precision. Measuring systems ensure uninterrupted monitoring of the assemblies. We deliver high long-term accuracy as standard – not as an extra. But it still takes people to make the technology work exactly as it should. We are experts in accuracy. The tiniest µ can make all the difference at the end of the process chain. We know how it works.

Our machines

We’re building
the future
for you

Mechanical engineering
Meeting technical progress head on. Trends drive mechanical engineering and make new opportunities available. Agile engineering for efficient and precise solutions.
We accelerate progress
Agricultural machinery
The technologies of sustainable agriculture must be efficient and ecological for functioning local supply structures. Economical engineering for long-term protection of the investment.
We provide for people
Giving new perspectives to challenges and overcoming boundaries in the process. A necessary change of perspective to discover new horizons. High-precision engineering for extraordinary cutting power.
We overcome boundaries
Luft- & Raumfahrt
Drive technology
We need new mobility options. This keeps us on the move and makes us strive for something new. Future forms of mobility are alternative and clean. We help ensure high quality implementation. Intelligent drive for long-term growth.
We stay on the move
Commercial and construction vehicles
The future of transport is changing. The construction site of tomorrow is digital and sustainable. Powerful engineering for high performance deployment.
We transport heavy loads
Nutz- und Baufahrzeuge
Plant Technology
Intelligent building technology for a safe and energy efficient plant infrastructure. The drive for networking and reliably facilitating everyday life. Perfect engineering for intelligent solutions.
We restructure
Plant Technology
Renewable energy
We promote access to and expansion of alternative forms of energy and their sustainable development for future generations. Complex solutions for futureproof technologies.
We take responsibility
Regenerative Energie
Smart and networked systems are our future. Individual solutions are the key to new developments. All the necessary information in the right place at the right time. Including from our machines.
We work on the future

Our NBHs are ready for action wherever they’re needed. Customised for your machining task. The future is now.

service from
the experts

Smart services

Real-time service support

We are your partner for comprehensive support – directly on site and digitally. Our real-time virtual support connects you with our experts around the world.


Pit stop for your machine

Don’t let faults happen in the first place. We provide regular preventive maintenance and servicing and optimise plant availability.

Spare parts

Just-in-time vs. warehousing

We offer you the benefit of a complete range of original spare parts and expertise direct from the manufacturer. Quickly available and state of the art.


Taking your machine out of service is not an option

Custom retrofits and first-class overhauls bring the plant up to date, including improvements to energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

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Hüller Hille

We love a challenge. Do you too?

Working on the future involves big plans. Do you know how precision works? We need capable individuals and team players who can meticulously work together on future projects. Are you an experienced professional seeking a challenge? Then this is the right place for you. Or are you starting your career in mechanical engineering as an apprentice or on a vocational dual study programme? Join the machining specialists.

Hüller Hille – Turbine
Turbine Schatten

Digitally networked,
intelligent and

Virtualisation in the development process

The digital transformation is changing the way we think. We rely on continuous, agile product development and integrated engineering.

Digital support in production

Human and machine complement each other. The intelligent machine constantly provides data on quality and efficiency along the value chain.

Full transparency

Knowledge helps you stay ahead. The digital footprint throughout the machine life cycle provides information on the current condition of the plant; processed real-time data allows you to take appropriate action.

Smart maintenance

Predictive monitoring actively enables the initiation of preventive measures; condition monitoring prevents problems from occurring in the first place and provides information for the sustainable protection of resources.

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