Sommer bei Hüller Hille

Like a bowl of cherries

Like a bowl of cherries… 🍒 Summer is here and the best fruit is ripening around our company premises at #HÜLLERHILLE. In summer that means cherries. And all year round it means our ideas for the future and our #NBH machines 💎💙 “Everything in life has its perfect time. Everything is ready when the time […]
Praktikum bei Hüller Hille

Placement at Hüller Hille

Hi, my name is Raphael and I’m looking for ideas for my #careerpath following my year abroad. During my practical placement at #HÜLLERHILLE I was able to familiarise myself with various areas of work and obtain tips and suggestions for my future professional life. Thanks to HÜLLER HILLE for this opportunity. Bring on the #future!
Rhein-Neckar Zeitung

Image polishing

Managing director of #HüllerHille Rolf Schmidt was interviewed by the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper about our company’s innovations, challenges and goals.   #HuellerHille #HüllerHille #HH #readyfortakeoff #NBH #service #retrofit #mechanicalengineering #shapingthefuture #beginnings #newbeginnings #RNZ #Mosbach

Health and safety concerns everyone

Health and safety concerns everyone Every year HÜLLER HILLE holds crane training for all apprentices and new production employees. Colleagues internally consider theoretical and practical aspects, and knowledge is shared with the “newbies” in a hands-on way. The crane training is based on German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) regulation 52 on cranes. Every day it […]


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